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What is the purpose?

November 5, 2010

I have a few other topics I really want to blog about, but I just can’t seem to get them written.  So, I am going to take a break from those and talk about another, extremely important subject: terrible sayings on church signs.  This all came about because in the last few nights I have seen a number of these signs, including:

“The tricks of the devil are bad.  The treats of God are good”

“If there is good in your heart.  Then God is”

“Autumn leaves. Jesus doesn’t”

Seriously, is there a competition between churches to see who can come up with the worst saying?  I’m not even talking about those times where churches unintentionally make a mistake and their saying becomes hilarious, such as:

“Don’t let worries kill you
Let the church help”

No, I am talking about those sayings that churches put on their signs on purpose.  What purpose I am still not sure.  Are they trying to be funny just for the sake of being funny?  Are they trying to provoke discussion?  Trying to be different/outrageous so that people will take notice?  Do they think these signs will bring people into their church?  Do they think these signs will lead people to give their lives to Christ?

I have a few thoughts about this.  First, we are Christ’s representatives here on earth.  So, when we put up controversial sayings on signs out front of our churches, we are saying that we believe Jesus would be okay with these statements.  Would Jesus really say these things?  If the answer is no, then we don’t need to be saying them.

I had a professor say that you have to be okay with the results and the consequences of the evangelism technique that you choose to use.  This is definitely true in this case.

I was talking to a friend about the signs that I saw and she said I should have left a note on them that said, “Cheesy signs don’t change lives, Jesus Christ does.”  That is truth that needs to be heard.  I’m pretty sure, if given a choice, Jesus would have chosen to be in relationship with people and engage them in discussion, instead of putting a sign up and hoping people will notice it and come to him and ask him questions.

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