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Good intentions are just not good enough

March 27, 2011

For the longest time the thinking has been, as long as you are doing something then that is good. It didn’t matter what you did as long as you wanted to help people. This has been seen most obviously in the arena of aid and development.

Want to send a bunch of clothes to a foreign country? Do it.

Want to take an entire construction team to another country and build houses? Go for it.

Want to go hang out with kids in an orphanage for a week? No problem.

Want to start a non-profit because you can? Sure.

Want to give money? Give to any organization asking for it.

This type of thinking has pervaded the Christian Church as well. What is worse is that the church is the under the impression that because it is “doing things for God” then that makes it all the better.

But let’s be honest. Just because you want to help or just because you say you are doing things for God does not mean that you are doing the right thing. It does not mean that what you are doing is not harming those people you say you are trying to help.

Now, I am not saying we should do nothing. Far from it. What I am saying is this. Just because things have always been done a certain way doesn’t make it the right. Just because a line of thinking has always been used does not mean it is correct. Just because you really want to go somewhere does not mean you should. It just not that simple. You should never travel to a disaster zone “just to help” if you have no skills to offer.

I am going to be writing a lot more about this topic in the weeks to come. There are a number of people out there discussing topics of this nature, however, no one is really discussing these issues in regards to the church. I want to change that. I want the church to start asking these questions and thinking through these issues. I also want to hear your thoughts so please let the comments flow. And if you have questions on this subject please ask those as well and I will address as many as I can.

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