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Visualizing a century of deaths in conflict

May 12, 2011

In their project, 100 years of world cuisine, Clara Kayser-Bril, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Marion Kotlarski chose to use bottles, jars, and bowls filled with fake blood to show the deaths from 25 conflicts. The idea is pretty simple, the more blood there is in a container, the more deaths that occurred in that conflict. From their site:

Ten casualties. Ten million casualties. Our understanding of conflicts is often nothing more than a handful of digits, the more precise, the less meaningful. The anchor’s tone remains the same when talking about major wars or isolated outbursts of violence. The horror lays hidden beneath the rigidity of numbers. Figures give us knowledge, not meaning.

We wanted to put a picture on these digits. A shocking, gory picture, like the reality of war. We wanted to give context, like a scale on which we could visualize each conflict next to the others.

HT FlowingData

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