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Does your Kindle get heavier when you download a book?

November 4, 2011

Although the electrons were already present, keeping them still rather than allowing them to float around takes up extra energy – about a billionth of a microjoule per bit of data.

Using Einstein’s E=mc² formula, which states that energy and mass are directly related, Prof Kubiatowicz calculated that filling a 4GB Kindle to its storage limit would increase its weight by a billionth of a billionth of a gram, or 0.000000000000000001g.

This is roughly equivalent to the weight of a small virus, while the equivalent number of books – about 3,500 – would weigh approximately two tons.

There you have it folks, although I doubt the extra weight is going to cause anyone any problems.

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  1. Bev Scherdin permalink
    November 4, 2011 4:12 pm

    You have too much time on your hands 🙂

    • November 4, 2011 4:15 pm

      That may be true, however, I think you may believe that I did those calculations and that is not true, it is just a quote from another article.

  2. November 4, 2011 4:23 pm

    I knew I could feel it getting heavier!!! 🙂

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