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Why my blogging has been infrequent at best this year…I had to see about a girl

September 6, 2012

I had intentions of blogging quite a lot this year and I started off well, but as the year progressed my blogging became more and more sporadic, bordering on the non-existent. I have a really great reason for this. Her name is Shanda Conger and in nine days we are getting married. Thus life has been a bit crazy and free time has been scarce to say the least. I’m not complaining at all, just stating a fact.

For those that do not know, here is a quick recap. Shanda and I became friends and started talking February of 2010. Shanda decided to move here this past February to be a part of the church Jesus was building here in Nashville. Not for me. No, we had gone down that path and it hadn’t worked out so well. God had other plans though. We started dating the beginning of March. I asked her to marry me June 5th. We are getting married September 15th. There you have it.

I really want to write more about our relationship and our upcoming wedding, but I don’t want to spoil the awesomeness that Christ has in store for those who are coming. However, I will promise that either Shanda or I will write a post about all of it afterwards.

As for blogging, I am hoping that this fall things will settle down and I will get into a routine and have time to blog again. I hope you will stay tuned as I have a large queue of things I want to write about.


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