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“The U.S. is actually a giant, undeveloped farming village”

October 5, 2012

The U.S. is actually a giant, undeveloped farming village. In middle school, teachers teach students that the more developed industry gets, the greater harm the natural environment suffers. For example, in an industrial city you should find chimneys everywhere, large factories everywhere, dust everywhere. That’s the symbol of industrialization! But the U.S.? You hardly ever see chimneys, occasionally you’ll see a few small ones but they’re just decorations for houses. Instead there are clear rivers and lakes everywhere, and there aren’t even paper factories or steel smelters by the riverbanks. The clean and fresh air is a symbol of primitive society. There’s not even a trace of industrialization!

…American construction is too primitive. Besides [what you find in] a small number of large cities, there are no big cement and concrete skyscrapers. … I can scarcely believe that the U.S. seemingly has no concrete buildings. They’re all mostly made of wood and some other strange materials. Using primitive wood to build houses–it’s like these foreigners’ architecture hasn’t moved beyond pre-Qing Dynasty times. That’s feudal times!

What at first might seem like an anti-American rant, is in reality an interesting backhanded critique of China’s establishment by an unknown Chinese author. You can see more from the essay here.

HT Marc F. Bellemare

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