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February 4, 2013


Taking issue with celebrities’ roles in humanitarian causes

How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster (book review)

Why Charity:water and others claiming cheap water fixes might be causing more harm than good

What child soldiering tells us about trafficking, child labor, and enslavement

Women in the Congo don’t see themselves as victims, maybe we shouldn’t either

A roundup of articles discussing all things quinoa

The problem with voluntourism

So you want a development job working “with the people” “on the front line” “in the field”?


Are we the kind of people who do this, or are we not?

Stories are a powerful weapon in communicating a message

Background on the conflict in Mali and why it is complicated

This is what it feels like to be photographed by the media in a moment of grief

An interview with Steve Hege, who helped write the UN Group of Experts report on the DRC

Five truths you won’t hear any U.S. official admit about our foreign policy

This is how to have a rational discussion with someone who has different views than you


Christ can be found everywhere, including in The Biggest Loser

Can you be a follower of Jesus without the Bible?


Sesame Street does a series of tweets in the style of the The Monster at The End of This Book

The inside story of Siri’s origins

This Russian family was cut off from all human contact for 40 years

What do birds and photosynthesis have to do with quantum physics?

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