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The story of a boy and a girl

March 13, 2013

This is the story of two people who became friends and tried to make a relationship happen on their own only to have that relationship die a slow and painful death. Then, when they stopped trying in their own effort, watched as the relationship was made alive again by the One who is Life.

Over at her blog, my wife has done a great job of documenting our story. While stories like this are always much better when told in person, this will just have to do for most people for now.

Part 1

…Before too long, we found ourselves communicating on a daily basis. A unique friendship formed, but, he lived in Nashville; I lived in Dallas (and was preparing to move to China); and we had never met. So, Jon made the leap and asked if he could come to China for a visit. He came in February 2011 for 8 days. When people hear that they often make comments like, “Oh how romantic…” But those 8 days were anything BUT romantic. They were ROUGH. There were a long list of extenuating/unusual circumstances that made it so…

Part 2

…Christ had always been a part of our relationship but this was a turning point. He truly became the center and the ALL of both who we were as individuals, and how we related to each other. Where brokenness and pain had been, healing and trust began to be the dominant characteristic of our relationship. Without us even knowing at first, Christ began to breathe HIS life into us, as we continued to “let go” and trust and heal…

Part 3

…I slowly shared with people in my life that I was praying about moving to Nashville to be a part of an organic body of believers…I left her house and walked a block to my car, talking to Jesus as I walked. “Lord, I think you want me to move to Nashville. I don’t necessarily understand it, but I really can’t deny it. If it really IS what YOU want, you’re going to have to get Jon to say something to me because I CAN NOT (read: WILL NOT!) bring it up to him”…I knew that Christ was able, but I thought it would surely take some time. As I opened my car door my phone beeped. I looked at my phone and saw it was Jon. I looked up (as if looking into the Lord’s face) and said,“WHAAAAT?????” You’re kidding, right?”

Part 4

…I was so nervous preparing to visit Nashville and see Jon. I had no idea if we were going to have an awesome time together, not really hang out, or – worst case scenario – have an awkward, China part 2. My dear friend Lindsay gave me a pep talk, “Just don’t be weird. If you’re not weird, he won’t be weird.” That was my goal…

Part 5

…We both knew, very clearly, that THIS was Christ’s perfect timing for us. The death we experienced earlier on in our relationship was painful, but it made room for True Life to come in later. In His proper time, He brought His Life – resurrected life, not our own, into our relationship at a time when we were living in community, with each other, and many other saints…

I hope you enjoy.

PS: I can’t believe that this Friday we will have been married for 6 months. Crazy.

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