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On the universal enslavement of women

October 11, 2011

As I mentioned before, all the ‘systems’ of the world seem to have a special hatred for women because of what she represents. The world’s religious system is certainly no exception. Just like in global society throughout history, if you look at the history of the world’s religions, you will see this same pattern of enslavement and domination of women. Although Christ came to set His Bride free, even a casual study of church history will demonstrate that the reality of the world’s religious ‘system’ has unfortunately crept into the body of Christ and has deeply assaulted the identity of our sisters.

This is Jamal Jivanjee on the issue of the slavery of women in the church. He goes on to say:

When many think of ‘Head’ they think of control, or ‘authority over’. The reason many think this is because that is the hierarchical system that we have always operated in. There is no hierarchy in the Godhead, however. The Trinity is a community of mutually submitted persons who exist for one another in the highest form of sacrificial love.

The biblical understanding of Headship is not about control or authority over, but about the giving of life and undergirding of the Bride. As the Head of the church, Christ does not manipulate or control His Bride. As the Head, He lays down His life for the Bride.

He, as a servant, comes to undergird her and to give her His life, expression, and prominence.

That’s what Christ, as the Head, does for His Bride. This is completely different than a hierarchical view of headship that seeks to control, manipulate, and restrict. Christ is not a controlling husband that squelches the life and expression of His bride.

If this were the only time you were to ever click on a link on my blog and read another article, this would be the one.

This is one of the biggest issues facing the church and her members today. If you don’t think this is the case, realize that by using these passages to either deny women the ability to speak and teach in the church or deny them the right to help make leadership decisions we effectively prevent at least half the church from voicing their thoughts. History has shown us that those societies that only engage part of their population are left behind by those that engage all their citizens. The church is no different. We are missing out on much of what Christ wants to share and do if we keep women from being able to express Christ fully.

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